“Top qualified research laboratories of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region”

In according to LR FVG 47/78

A few words about us

Many of the leading international pharmaceutical companies have been relying on our expertise, choosing Friulchem as partner.

Our company has been working with several international leaders in the Pharma business and our partner portfolio is growing due to our ability in merging R&D with solid business opportunities.

Our R&D activities never stop and we always need partners that want to develop our projects working at the same ideas with the same vision.

Our mission statement aims to attract and unite partners and galvanize everyone in order to share values and norms for creating a shared belief and meaning system.

Alessandro Mazzola

Friulchem is a private B2B, P2P chemical-pharmaceutical company dealing with research, development and production of original & generic pharmaceutical products for both human and veterinary fields.

Disma Giovanni Mazzola

Our mission is to provide our partners with the best products to contribute in strengthening their position in their markets. We are more and more focused on challenging projects and developing niche products. Our R&D activities never stop, and our product portfolio gets wider every year.

Why choose us

We have a well consolidated experience that we have developed in more then 40 years of activity. Some of our major strengths could be synthesized as follows:

  • A well experienced team
  • Great Research and Development ability
  • A product portfolio that gets wider every year
  • A fully equipped Lab with the best awards
  • Selected suppliers

Our Team

  • CEO and Strategic business development Disma Giovanni Mazzola
  • CFO - Financial Manager Carlo Marelli
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs and Development Manager Animal Health Products Silvia Moiana
  • Plant Director Maurizio De Paoli
  • Qualified Person Luca Corte
  • Quality Assurance Plant Manager - Pharma products Monica Petrovcic
  • Quality Assurance - Feed & Addictive Flavio Iacono
  • Regulatory Affairs Francesco Saverio Lazzarano
  • Quality Control Karin Olivo
  • Head of Sales Michelangelo Leoni
  • Customer Service Barbara Ceglia
  • Supply Chain Elena Basso
  • Supply Chain External CMO Greta Pischiutta

Passion and Career

Our people always show a great passion in what they do.
We are always looking for new talents.

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